Cases - Amputation

Injury: Amputation of leg below the knee
Outcome: $1,250,000
Lawyer: Jerry Maschka & Renee C. Rubish
Description: 51-year-old man lost leg below the knee along with severe injuries to his other leg when another vehicle came across the centerline.

Injury: Amputation of Left Leg
Outcome: Settlement - $1,025,000
Lawyer: Jerry Maschka
Description: 10-year-old boy became entangled in a grain flow sweep auger and suffered traumatic amputation of left leg, near amputation of his right leg, multiple fractures and lacerations to his right leg.

Injury: Amputation of arm
Outcome: Confidential
Lawyer: Jed Chronic
Description: 78-year-old woman, who had lost her hand in a workplace injury 30-plus years prior, suffered amputation of her other arm when it became entangled in a washing machine.