Civil Litigation

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Our experience in complex litigation strongly positions the firm to cover a wide range of litigation cases. We are experienced and adept at achieving optimal outcomes for our clients both quickly and cost-effectively. Our litigation attorneys understand our clients' strategic objectives and use those objectives to drive the litigation strategy. We simplify disputes into easily understandable themes that are persuasive to juries, judges, and arbitrators. We strengthen our client’s position by demonstrating our willingness and ability to take cases to trial, no matter the size or degree of complexity.
Our litigation services include representation for:

Personal Injury 
Insurance Coverage Disputes
Commercial Disputes
Commercial Litigation 
Breach of Contract 
Business Torts (including fraud, consumer fraud, tortious interference, and conversion) 
Breach of Fiduciary Duty 
Fraudulent Transfer 
Officer/Director Liability 
Shareholder Disputes 
Construction Disputes
Adverse Possession
Boundary Disputes 
Landlord/Tenant Issues
Property Disputes
Property Appraisal Disputes
Will Contests
Trust Disputes
Claims against Estates