Amusement Park or Carnival Injuries

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Accidents at amusement parks and carnivals result in an alarming number of injuries each year. On average, roughly 9,000 people are injured every year in amusement park or carnival injuries, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Non-Occupational Amusement Ride Injury Estimates

 Year  Mobile Rides   Fixed-Site Rides   Total 
 1997   2,800   5,100   7,800 
 1998   2,900   6,400   9,300 
 1999   2,900   7,700   10,600 
 2000   4,000   6,700   10,700 
 2001   2,700   5,800   8,500 
 2002   3,000   3,800   6,800 

Source: U.S. CPSC, based on emergency room reports.

Many of these injuries or deaths result from negligent operation, maintenance or defective machinery. Due to the ever-changing nature of these rides and the frequent movement of carnivals it is important to contact an experienced attorney.

The attorneys at Maschka, Riedy and Ries have successfully represented and fought for people injured in amusement park or carnival incidents. If you or someone you love has been injured at an amusement park or carnival, it is critical to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately to fully investigate your claim and preserve critical evidence.



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