Cases - Brain Injuries


Severe Closed Head Injury


Settlement - $1,235,000


Jerry Maschka

Description: 2-year-old boy was injured while riding as a passenger in his mother's vehicle when her vehicle collided with a tractor-trailer unit.

Injury: Brain contusion & fractures to ribs and pelvis
Outcome: $1,055,000
Lawyer: Renee C. Rubish & Jed Chronic
Description: 52-year-old man sustains brain injury, collapsed lung, liver hematoma and multiple rib and pelvis fractures.

Injury: Severe Skull Fracture, Closed Head Injury
Outcome: Settlement - $775,000
Lawyer: Jerry Maschka
Description: 15-year-old boy sustained a severe brain injury in an ATV accident.

Injury: Brain Injury, Mandibular Fracture, Fractured Clavical
Outcome: Settlement - $625,000
Lawyer: Jerry Maschka
Description: 21-year-man was a passenger in a vehicle that swerved to avoid a deer and crashed. Defendant had been drinking prior to accident.

Injury: Tinnitus & traumatic brain injury
Outcome: $600,000
Lawyer: Jerry Maschka & Jed Chronic
Description: 51-year-old man suffered traumatic brain injury, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), neck and knee injury as a result of a motor vehicle crash.

Injury: Left Anterior Neck Hemorrhage, Tracheal Deviation, C1, C2 Subluxation Intraoral hematoma, Multiple Contusions, Large Hematoma on Center of Forehead
Outcome: Settlement - $350,000
Lawyer: Jerry Maschka
Description: 84-year-old woman was riding as passenger in a vehicle when the defendant failed to yield the right of way and the vehicles collided.

Outcome: $250,000
Lawyer: Nick Maxwell
Description: 69-year old man's semi-trailer was rear-ended “at freeway speed” by a semi-tractor & trailer while stopped in a construction zone causing a concussion with loss of consciousness, post-concussion syndrome, a rotator cuff tear, partial tear of the biceps tendon and whiplash.

Outcome: $250,000
Lawyer: Nick Maxwell & Eric Iverson
Description: 18-year old man was driving a straight truck as part of his employement when an SUV swearved into his lane of traffic at highway speed causing a crash which resulted in traumatic brain injury symptoms and left lower extremity symptoms

Injury: Mild Brain Injury & Resulting in Reduced Vision in one Eye
Outcome: Settlement - $227,500
Lawyer: Marcus Christianson
Description: 65-year-old retired schoolteacher was injured and her husband killed when the vehicle she was driving collided at high impact when the defendant ran an intersection stop sign. Defendant's passenger was also killed.

Outcome: $200,000
Lawyer: Jerry Maschka & Nick Maxwell
Description: 51 year old male suffered closed head injury, multiple surgeries, Brain damage, Ankles, Both feet, Femur, Right hip, Ribs, Feeding tube after a head on collision.

Injury: Closed Head Injury, Facial Trauma Jaw Fracture and Ulnar Fractures
Outcome: Settlement - $200,000
Lawyer: Jerry Maschka
Description: 15-year-old boy was a passenger in a vehicle operated by one of the defendants, which was struck by another vehicle in an intersection accident.

Outcome: $175,000
Lawyer: Renee Rubish & Jerry Maschka
Description: 53-year old man was injured while driving a tractor-trailer when he was hit by another tractor-trailer. He sustained a closed head injury which causes light headedness, difficultly concentrating, light sensitivity, poor memory, balance issues and personality changes.