Cases - Burn Injuries

Injury: Wrongful Death
Outcome: Confidential
Lawyer: Jed Chronic & Nicholas J. Maxwell
Description: 32-year-old woman dies in hog barn fire.

Injury: Burn to forearm
Outcome: Settlement - $230,000
Lawyer: Renee Rubish
Description: 2-year old fell in fire pit and burned forearm

Injury: Burns and Painful Scarring to Face, Eyes, Arms, Hands & Feet, Disfigurement of Lips & Hands, Permanent Right Eye Damage, & Aggravation of Lower Back Injury
Outcome: Settlement - Confidential
Lawyer: Jerry Maschka
Description: 60-year-old man was delivering corn to an elevator and was approximately 20 feet from the hole when an explosion occurred and he was thrown into a truck 10 feet behind him.

Injury: 2nd Degree Burns and Scarring of Left Shoulder, Arm and Ankle
Outcome: Settlement - $25,000
Lawyer: Marc Christianson
Description: A 4-year-old girl was burned when a cart in the hospital waiting room tipped over on her with a pot of hot water.

Injury: Chemical Burns to Scalp
Outcome: Settlement - $7,500
Lawyer: Jerry Maschka
Description: 20-year-old woman's scalp was severely burned when having her hair highlighted at a salon.

Injury: Burns to hands, face and neck & PTSD
Outcome: Confidential
Lawyer: Jerry Maschka & Jack Riedy
Description: 33-year-old man sustained burns to hands, face, neck and shoulders along with posttraumatic stress disorder following elevator fire.