Cases - Medical Malpractice

Injury: Wrongful Death
Outcome: $1,150,000
Lawyer: Jerry Maschka & Renee C. Rubish
Description: 14-year-old dies after doctor fails to diagnose diabetic ketoacidosis.

Injury: Need for hip replacement/revision due to failed hardware
Lawyer: Jerry Maschka & Renee C. Rubish
Description: Renee Rubish and Jerry Maschka represented numerous clients in a mass tort litigation who had been implanted with the Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Stem or ABG II Modular Hip Stem. Each client recovered his/her damages arising from the need for hip revision surgery, including pain an suffering damages.

Injury: Delayed treatment of breast cancer
Outcome: Confidential
Lawyer: Renee C. Rubish
Description: Radiologist failed to diagnose breast cancer in a mammogram resulting in a delay in diagnosis.

Injury: Loss of vision
Outcome: Confidential
Lawyer: Renee C. Rubish & Nicholas J. Maxwell
Description: Ophthalmologist over-prescribed eye medications and failed to refer male patient upon worsening of symptoms causing a loss of vision in the left eye.

Injury: Failed left total hip arthroplasty
Outcome: Settlement - $150,000
Lawyer: Renee Rubish
Description: 68-year old woman had left hip surgery resulting in a fractured pelvis and requiring revision surgery

Injury: Failed hip replacement resulted in pain and the need to have a revision hip surgery
Outcome: $150,000
Lawyer: Renee C. Rubish & Jed Chronic
Description: An active, healthy 67-year-old woman underwent a hip arthroplasty which failed.