Cases - Slip & Fall

Injury: Fracture of Left Femoral Neck and Left Femur
Outcome: Jury Awarded Damages: $191,000
Lawyer: Renee Rubish
Description: 80-year-old woman was leaving her apartment complex when she slipped on ice, which resulted from melting ice that had dripped off the roof and refroze.

Injury: Severely Broken Leg
Outcome: Settlement - $150,000
Lawyer: Marc Christianson
Description: Woman slipped and fell in a pool area of a recreational facility.

Injury: Left hip fracture after slipping
Outcome: Settlement - $125,000
Lawyer: Renee Rubish
Description: 57-year old man slipped and fell in icy parking lot fracturing his left hip requiring surgery

Injury: Right Shoulder Glenoid Labral Tear
Outcome: Settlement - $75,000
Lawyer: Jack Riedy
Description: 49-year-old man was waiting in line at car wash when the car in front of him pulled into the wash too soon and then backed up, invalidating the plaintiff's wash code. The plaintiff left his vehicle to get help and slipped on ice.

Injury: Displaced knee cap fracture
Outcome: Jury Verdict - $72,556.14
Lawyer: Renee Rubish
Description: 48-year old woman slipped on ice fracturing her knee cap

Injury: T12 Compression Fracture
Outcome: Settlement - $60,000
Lawyer: Jerry Maschka
Description: 88-year-old woman was knocked down by the person raising the flag at a Flag Day Ceremony, striking her head and back on the curb.

Injury: Ankle Fracture
Outcome: Settlement - $55,000
Lawyer: Jerry Maschka